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The Caldwell County Democratic Party believes that change begins at home. We are committed to fighting for civil rights, healthcare, education, the environment and more. Help us build a more inclusive Democratic county, state and nation.

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It Starts with Community. Run for something Local-Lockhart City Council and Lockhart ISD Elections.

Lockhart City Council: The candidate filing period for the upcoming General Election is July 23rd through Monday, August 22nd at 5pm. There are four positions up for election: Councilmember Districts 1, 2, and two at-large councilmember positions. Applications may be picked up from the City Secretary at City Hall. Lockhart ISD: The candidate filing period for the upcoming General Election is July 25th through August 22nd. There are three at-large positions up for election. Applications may be picked up at the school district office. The General Election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Statement by Madi Eden, District 17 candidate after the Roe v Wade decision.

I am outraged. I am speechless. I am broken hearted. Last Friday the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abandoning the rights that we have held closely for almost 50 years. Unfortunately, the reality for Texans is that we are one of many states whose legislature has been gearing up for this decision. This ruling triggers HB1280, which repeals and criminalizes a woman's bodily autonomy. We must fight to stop this decision now and throw it out in November. I’m running to ensure more of our representatives are fighting for our rights, not against them. I’m running because I’m angry and ready to fight for change. Today women across the country are feeling hopeless and defeated. But that's what they want. So we have to keep fighting, we have to keep showing up, we have to keep pushing back. If we don't, then what's the point? We can come together and fight. We can show that no longer will we stand with a party that strips our freedoms. History can be rewritten. All of the rights we have today were thanks to millions of people who would no longer stand for inequality and injustice. This is our moment. We can't give up. It will get better. Find out more about Madi Eden